Photo Quadcopter

ęSpectrum Photography 2015


This page introduces work with a DJI photo quadcopter


The Portland Breakwater Light in Maine. Camera elevation 150 feet. 


A "Fisheye" view. Camera elevation 100 ft



Spring Point Ledge, Portland, ME. Camera elevation 100 ft 










Cape Neddick, ME. Camera elevation 150 ft 


Marshall Point, Port Clyde, ME. Fisheye.Camera Elevation 150 ft

Cape Neddick Light "The Nubble". Camera Elevation 100 ft 

Camera elevation 200 ft

Portland Head Light, ME. Camera elevation 200 ft. Ram Island Ledge in background.

Camera elevation 200 ft. 


Camden Harbor, ME. Camera elevation 150 ft

ęSpectrum Photography 2015

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